Women’s Health Week

It’s Women’s Health Week and time for some Self Care ladies!!

Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week is a week dedicated to all women across Australia to make good health a priority.

Ladies this is the time to focus on YOU and make sure YOU are okay. So often, we as women don’t allow ourselves to stop, breathe and ensure we are okay before worrying about everyone else in our life.

Make that time to have a coffee and chat with a friend, a bike ride with your kids, a walk by yourself or just 30 mins to meditate. Check in with your female tribe and ask how they are doing. Remind them its women’s health week and that our health is a priority.

Last year Dee and I went to get a mammogram together. Instead of having our regular business meeting we took the time to get a health check. We ended up doing business tasks that could be done in the car on the way to and from the appointment. I know this isn’t the answer for everyone but it is about making time in your schedule to look after yourself.

A group of my friends and I catch up on a regular basis, usually for dinner and drinks. However, recently we have done a couple of yoga/reiki workshops. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with dinner and drinks, I mean who doesn’t love a yummy nutritious meal and a good glass of organic wine. Although we have enjoyed mixing it up and have all really benefited from these workshops. We end up going home to our partners and kids with a better mindset which not only benefits us but also our family.

Keep it Simple. If you can’t attend a yoga class or don’t like to meditate chose something different. Figure out what works in your life, fits in with your schedule and find what interests you.

Walk, read a book, listen to a podcast on the way to work, be more mindful when doing things, take a bath when the kids go to bed or simply say yes less to things that we know make us more stressed. There are so many simple things we can incorporate into our lives we just need to commit to it.

I got into a pattern of taking on too much and was getting sick on a regular basis. I realised that this was stress, it is amazing how much stress plays a part in your health and wellbeing. I have gradually taught myself to take on less, know what I am capable of achieving and not comparing myself to what others can achieve. I check in with myself when I know I’m feeling overwhelmed, This has helped me immensely and I get sick less often and am able to manage things a lot better in my day to day life. What works for you may be different from the next person and that’s okay.

Womens Health Week

Where do I get more information about Women’s Health Week??

If you sign up to www.womenshealthweek.com.au you will get tips on how to improve your health and wellbeing.

Why not use this time to start your low tox journey and gradually remove harsh chemicals from your home. Treat yourself to some of our beautiful natural hand and body wash. Try our Lavender and Ylang Ylang to help with some rest and relaxation or Lemon Myrtle and Avocado to help give you that spring in your step.

How do you look after your health? What could you commit to in Women’s Health Week?

We would love for you to comment below as you never know a suggestion you make could give a woman a new idea or the boost she needs.

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