About moJé (pronounced Mo-J)


MoJé is the initials of our children’s names, Mia, Oliver, Jack and Ellie. We cherish our business name as our children mean the world to us!

Dee and Cal - Owners of moje essentials


We have been on a journey over the past few years trying to ensure our families are healthy in their mind, body and soul. We strive to eat healthy foods, be more environmentally friendly, use fewer chemicals in our homes and use natural products.

Given our lifestyle choices, our own research and our joy of making different products we wanted to turn that passion into something others could also enjoy. We wanted to make natural products and spread the word about being more aware of what we put on our bodies. Being mums has made this even more important to us as we want nothing but the best for our children.

We hope you enjoy the smell, texture, feel and overall benefits of our products as much as we do.


I’m a mum of two children. I love to travel. I have travelled extensively throughout my life and have worked overseas for 10 years. Alongside being a part owner of moJé essentials I have worked in the Welfare sector for a number of years. I enjoy physical exercise as it clears my mind and enhances my energy levels. I love creating healthy meals and homemade gifts for my family and friends. Being surrounded by loved ones is important to me but I also cherish time alone.


I’m also a mum of two children. I have worked as a sales rep in the health industry for many years. I love to run, nothing beats running as there is no care in the world when you have your headphones on and going at your own pace. I love caravanning around our beautiful country with my family and have always got a trip planned.

thanks for supporting our small business
it means the world to us!

Cal & Dee xxx

We are not healthcare professionals but we work very closely with a team of chemists to formulate our amazing products. Our products are not meant to diagnose, heal or cure. Information we provide is from our own research and experience. Always check ingredients in case of any allergies. Like any product we recommend patch testing our products prior to use.