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In the past I always thought the smell of bleach in cleaning products actually helped clean my home better…… thank goodness I have done my research over the years and clean the natural way now. As a society, we have been brainwashed into thinking that we need chemicals to clean our homes. When in fact most of us have ingredients in our cupboards that will do the job just as well, and without the harmful side effects of chemicals.

Here are 5 of our tips to clean your home naturally which will not only save you money but also ensure you’re not subjecting yourselves and your family to harmful chemicals.

1. Bicarb
Freshen up your dishwashing sponge by soaking it overnight in a combination of 2 tablespoons of bi carb and a couple of drops of moJé essentials dishwashing liquid dissolved in some water. Rinse it out the following morning and it’s ready to use again.

2. Plain White Vinegar
Make an all-purpose spray for glass, stainless steel, bathroom sinks and kitchen benchtops. Fill a spray bottle with 2 parts water, 1 part white vinegar and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid. Spray and wipe the surface with a cloth.

3. Eucalyptus Oil
If your anything like me you have lots of jars ready to be used for homemade goodies, but how do you remove sticky labels from your jars you ask? Dab a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a cloth and rub the label off. It’s that easy.

4. Lemon
Most of us have a friend, friend of a friend or family member who has a lemon tree. Mix 3 tbsp of lemon juice with 1 ½ cups of water in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high for about 5-10 minutes. Allow to sit for 5 minutes so the steam can loosen the food stuck to the inside of the microwave. Clean with a cloth.

5. Epsom Salts
Do you find it difficult cleaning your shower and getting rid of that built up grime? Well, this tip is for you. Mix 1 cup Epsom Salts and 1/2 cup of Bicarb with 30mls of dishwashing liquid and scrub your shower tiles and grout. Rinse well with water. This mixture will fizz up. It will end up going hard if you don’t use it all at once. If this is the case just add water each time you want to use it and pour the soapy water from it onto a scrubbing brush and clean away.

Happy Cleaning xx

Image by @daiga_ellaby via Unsplash


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